Ultimate Retail Success Collection is complete tool consisting of all the retail management product and services DMSRetail has, past, present and the future.

We wanted to create a complete retail management reference tool for you to go to and/or refer to helping you solve problems, shed a light on issues and most importantly increase your personal and company performance in the process.

Following paragraphs have more information and detail but if you want to get all the details and order info, go to:

 Retail Management Portal website.


Here’s summary of the contents of the Ultimate Retail Success Collection:

  1. Total of 29 YourTime Course DVD's
  2. Retail Manager's Exclusive DVD Collection (8 DVD Set)
  3. Action Strategies Guides & Workbooks
  4. Maximum Performance Goal Planners
  5. Multiple Intelligences Questionnaires for Training Improvement
  6. Eight DMSRetail Success Guides (included with the Super Retail Success Bundle)
  7. Free Lifetime Upgrades to each and every Product included in the Ultimate Retail Success Collection
  8. Bonuses

 To get the detailed information of all contents, please go to Retail Management Portal Website, which is a dedicated website for this product.


Before you look into the details of this product, consider the following value proposition:

Let's assume you have a store doing a million dollars annually. After implementing a mere fraction of the techniques given in the Ultimate Retail Success Collection, let's say you increase business by 10%*. Assuming you have a 40% Gross Margin, you will clear around $35,000 (conservatively, remember you have already paid for almost all expenses, this is coming from the additional increase of 10%).

Then the ROI for the Ultimate Retail Success Collection becomes:

ROI* on the Ultimate Retail Success Collection (physical version) = $35,000/$2,497 = 14.3 or 1,430%

ROI* on the Ultimate Retail Success Collection (digital version) = $35,000/$1,497 = 23.4 or 2,340%

 You can’t really ask for a better ROI than that, right?



We strongly believe that if you cannot guarantee your products you should not be selling them.
Therefore, Ultimate Retail Success Collection comes with a very strong guarantee:
You have a full one year of trying this treasure trove of retail management performance product toolkit. If you don’t get at least 10% revenue increase directly attributable to the Ultimate Retail Success Collection, simply ask for a refund. We’ll refund every cent of your money without any hassle.
To date our refund rate on this product is 0.5%. (There is always those who want to take advantage of our generosity, but that’s OK…)
So please go to the dedicated website to get all the information and ordering details and place your order today, you won’t regret it!