Exclusive DVD Collection for Retail Managers


Here are the DVD's included:


1. Retail Math Made Simple

2. Retail Technologies You Can Benefit From

3. Retail Answers I

4. Retail Answers II

5. Retail Answers III

6. 3 Ways of Highly Successful Retail Managers

7. Retail Store Management Process

8. Retail Success Tips and Strategies (New!)


And a Bonus DVD

Sales Skills for Good & Bad Times

Watch a short clip from Retail Answers II DVD:


This is an exceptional opportunity to add 8 DVD's to your retail management success arsenal. With a combined total of six and a half hours worth of practical retail information, insights and wisdom from retail experts, these Retail Management DVD's are a must have for your collection. 


The DVD's in this collection were recorded live during our webinars. Here is what you'll get:


First of all, you'll get Retail Answers Webinars l, II and Ill where DMSRetail experts provide answers to a wide variety of retail questions from our subscribers. Here are some of the topics covered:


Measuring & managing productivity, loss prevention, handling slow moving inventory, interviewing, explaining GMROII and GMROF, staff incentives, building a culture committed to quality, creating a winning team with long term employees, the power of profit multipliers and measuring advertising effectiveness to name a few.

But, that's only three of the Retail Management DVD's. You'll also get the 22 Ways Webinar where three of the 22 Ways of Highly Successful Retail Manager's are explained in detail.


Motivation in retail - internal and external


Effective Communication and how to make it happen in your retail organization


Growth Orientation in retail


And then there is DVD #1 which is our Retail Math Made Simple Webinar. This is a one and a half hour presentation designed to inform retail professionals all about retail math, metrics and KPI's - complete with calculations, examples and full explanations of the importance of retail math, metrics and KPI's in measuring the success of your retail operation.


DVD #2: New Retail Technologies You Can Benefit from now DVD contains a compilation of emerging technologies that are sure to help increase your reach and increase profits.


DVD #7: This is DMSRetail's trade marked description and the framework of important actions and steps that must be followed to ensure success in store performance. It is one of a kind information revealing the success behind most effective store managers.


DVD #8: Contains very important issues like performance management, effective compensation strategies and many other tips to make every retailer more successful.


All 8 DVD's in this collection include the expert instructor's verbal presentation with explanations and examples, plus all of the PowerPoint presentations to use any way you want. You can use these Retail Management DVD's and PowerPoint presentations for your own information or you can get even more value from them by using them as a training tool for your employees.


And here's a great idea for getting even more mileage from this Retail Management DVD collection -play them at sales meetings. What better way to get your people talking about significant retail issues?



Another big advantage of owning these DVD's is that you can use them over and over again to train future employees and to provide long term employees with a refresher whenever necessary.

Retail Customer Experience Fundamentals
(Digital Copy) $9.95
Retail Customer Experience Fundamentals
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